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This Fashion Trends Maybe Stop Wearing in 2019

This Fashion Trends Maybe Stop Wearing in 2019

5 fashion trends to stop wearing in 2019

In our daily lives we definitely use a fashion style that is really suitable for us to use, we have the right to choose our own style. Maybe some of us often imitate the fashion of the models, brands and others. even in 2018 there was very much fashion that became a trend that year.

But what about in 2019? will the fashion trend in 2018 remain a fashion trend in 2019 too?
this is a fashion trend that might not be used again this year.

1. Tenny, tiny sunglasses

Tenny, tiny sunglasses

Perhaps the most prevalent accessory trend of the year was teeny, tiny sunglasses. Championed by every supermodel going, the sunnies were embraced the world over this summer as we all ditched our classic styles in favour of tiny specs that didn't quite cover our eyes. After warnings about their safety (they don't block out the sun after all), we're hoping that fashion moves away from the trend into something altogether more sensible.

2. Plastic Transparent Fashion

Plastic Transparent Fashion

2018 wasn't the first year that we saw clear plastic accessories hitting the mainstream (Kim Kardashian has been wearing them for years), but after Chanel gave the trend its seal of approval with its spring/summer 2018 collection, plastic fashion went into overdrive – and the French house wasn't the only brand to champion it. However, with the war against plastic raging harder than ever and the frankly impractical nature of walking around all day in plastic boots or carrying your belongings in a completely transparent bag, it might be time to let this one go.

3. Shell Jewellery

Shell Jewellery

The trend that is dying during the winter - but we expect to reappear in the summer - is the return of shell jewelry championed by Instagram. The necklaces, bracelets and bracelets inspired by surfers are everywhere in late 2018 and the love for them doesn't seem to diminish with the style that even appeared on the Missoni and Altuzarra catwalks in September. However, like most Insta trends, it already feels excessive and when the weather gets warmer, we all have enough to see the shell necklace on our timeline.

4. Logomania


Logos have seen a huge resurgence over the past couple of seasons, but 2018 took the biscuit with brands embracing the '90s trend in a big way. And, although it can be a chic and impossibly cool style to pull off, as with any bold and eye-catching trend, it starts to feel dated very quickly.

5. Dad Trainers

Dad Trainers

While we are all for an unexpectedly comfortable footwear trend, we are hoping that 2018 was the final year that the Dad trainer reigned supreme. The style – which was all over the catwalks and the street stylers – was always going to be a divisive trend that is hard to pull off, but after months of attempting to make them look stylish, we feel this is truly a trend only for celebrities.

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