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4 Strange Diseases You Have Never Think About

4 Strange Diseases You Have Never Think About

Healthy living needs to be applied to avoid various kinds of diseases such as heart attacks, cancer, strokes, diabetes and so on. Maybe, the names of these health problems are familiar to your ears. However, there are several types of strange diseases that you need to be aware of.

Because of the many types of diseases, there are some that sound strange and unexpected. Had explained by Dr. Ellen Theodora from KlikDokter a case about a strange abdominal pain experienced by an 18 year old teenager.

When the medical party dissected the contents of the teen's stomach, it was found the rest of the fetus that had died, in the form of a baby complete with hair, teeth, and head that did not develop.

"In medicine, this is known as the fetus in fetu. "This is a condition where one of the twin fetuses conceived by a mother is trapped in her twin sister who was successfully born into the world," he said.

Sometimes, there are still many strange facts about medicine which until now have not been touched by human reason. As reported by Reader’s Digest, here are 4 strange diseases that you must have never thought of before:

1. Cotard delusion
A person suffering from cotard delusion believes that he has died, decayed or at least lost some parts of his body. Patients often refuse to eat or bathe because they think they do not have a digestive system or believe their body will be brittle when exposed to water.

Research shows that cotard delusion is caused by failure in the area of ​​the brain that regulates emotions. This condition can also be experienced by someone with an amputated body part. To deal with this condition, therapy and consumption of special medicines and medical monitoring are needed.

2. Foreign language accent syndrome
Have you ever imagined yourself waking up one morning, then when you want to talk, suddenly you speak in a foreign language accent? Of course this is strange and very terrible. In fact, around 60 people in the world have experienced it.

Patients with foreign language accent syndrome were thought to experience delusions. However, scientists at the University of Oxford found that this might happen when a person experiences a brain disorder.

As a result, there is a change in the tone of speech and the syllable of someone who experiences it. In addition to brain problems, foreign language accent syndromes can also be caused by head injuries or strokes.

3. Progeria
It is a rare genetic disorder where a child aged 1-2 years shows signs of premature aging such as growth that slows down to hair loss.

After experiencing the various signs above, the child can experience the next condition, which is losing most of the body fat and the body begins to wrinkle. Ironically, the average person with progeria does not live long, on average it only lasts up to the age of 14 and there is no cure for it.

4. Congenital analgesia
Believe it or not, people with this strange disease will not feel anything if pinched, pushed, or even pierced by a knife. They have an innate genetic mutation called congenital analgesia.

This condition can prevent the body from sending pain signals to the brain. Although it sounds cool, this disease can be very dangerous. The reason is, the sufferer may become unconscious when they are injured or injured.

Some of the strange types of the disease above may seem impossible. In fact, the medical world explains that the disease is indeed true and the cause is clear. How, of all the diseases that have been described, you must have never heard much less thought about it, right?

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