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8 These items you cannot lend to your friends

8 These Items You Can Not Lend Again

Consider again if you often lend clothes or make up with friends. Because, exchanging personal items with other people is at risk of transmitting various diseases that may not yet appear.

A study found an astonishing fact that a number of testers or makeup samples provided to try in large stores contained E. coli, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus. The bacteria that cause digestive disorders generally move from the hands of people who do not wash their hands after urinating, then touch the sample.

List of items that may not be lent
Bacteria are always on the skin surface of the human body. Although not always dangerous, it can cause infection. In addition, bacteria can also attach clothing and some other items.

To prevent bacterial transmission, remove from borrowing or use the items below to others:

If clothing is not sent properly, germs can use other clothing. Important for every day and not lent to others. Especially certain clothing, such as underwear, sports clothing, and clothes for cooking, must be clean after use.

Can increase more than one person using a towel. Always bring people to send from other people.

Toothbrushes used by other people increase the transmission of diseases due to bacterial and viral infections. One of them is hepatitis C, one of the causes is the hepatitis C virus. If you forget to bring your teeth while staying, wake up to buy new ones from others.

Flaking and bleeding skin is excitement that may occur when someone shaves hair, hair, or beard. That is why shaving devices are at risk for certain diseases, such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C, now alternating with others.

Nail clipper
Traveling barefoot in the bathroom can be used. Similarly, using nail clippers that alternate with other people containing mushrooms. This fungus usually breeds in moist and warm environments.

Ringworm on the scalp and head lice is a disorder that often occurs in children around the age of 3-11 years. Ringworm and fleas can easily spread and spread through rotating combs. Likewise with the use of helmets and hats that are more than one person.

Infections on channels that can be done by users who are not clean. If not treated immediately, this disorder can spread and cause ear pain, even hearing loss.

Makeup tools
Eye infections, such as conjunctivitis, can be easily done through make-up that alternates directly. Simple-looking habits, such as loans and the use of friend's lip balm (lip gloss), can improve services from a contract of herpes labialis.

You are advised to reduce or use make-up tester, such as mascara and lipstick on the lips. If you often use regular services, they use disposable makeup or always wash their tools after using one person.

If it's hard not to share, use a broom with alcohol and speak at the top, for example on new lipstick. For eye pencils, see before others for bacterial transmission.

Try to always avoid personal items that are directly related to the skin and mucosa (such as the mouth and eyes), including bar soap and glasses or drinking bottles. If your items have been loaned to friends, try to wash them with air to kill any germs that might be present.

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